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Keith Hutcheson and Bill Fedelem
Dennis MacDonell, Jeff Golin, Mike Hawry and
Walt Grysko - a good hunk of the YB
Theresa Hurley and Denise Maz
John Kerrigan and Mike Rup
Randy Kleabir
Keith Hutcheson, Mike Hawry, David
Webster, Walt Grysko and David Abdo
Denise Maz, Mike Buhagiar, Bill
Fedelem, Mark Rice and John Kerrigan
Ken Duncan
Ken Duncan and his daughter
Ken Duncan and Andrea Speight work on a retail co-op project back in '74
Dan Solodon
Ellen (Young) Carr
Ellis Threadcraft with
Alexandria(daughter),Yolanda(sister) and Tina(girlfriend)
Alexandria and Ellis at her high school graduation
Ellis and Alexandria at church(with big smile)
Ellis, Alexandria and Robin on prom day
Debbie Dukes
Dan and Lynne Solodon RETIRED in Alaska - check out more
Debbie (Fenner) Duprey and her son Craig
Sue (Tanner) Jeffries
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